What is Uptime?

Uptime is a place to share and watch videos together with friends. Easily share your favorite YouTube video and bring friends together to watch, chat, and have fun.

How do I use Uptime?

Uptime is a logged-in only experience on iOS only. To use Uptime, you must log in with your Google Account. Your username will be associated with your Google Account and friends will be able to connect with you in the app.

Once in the app, you can watch YouTube videos with other people in the app, engage with them while watching, and post YouTube videos for others to watch.

In the Home screen, you’ll see videos shared by people you follow as well as videos liked by people you follow.

Watching Videos in Uptime

When you enter a video post, your watch will be shown in real time with anyone in the video. All your engagements in the video will also be visible to others. Anyone can join the video as you are watching it and he/she will be able to see your watches and engagements.

Once you’ve watched a video, your watch and some engagements (e.g., hearts) will be part of the activity history of that video post and will be displayed on the Homepage feed next to the video post.

Videos watched on Uptime are saved in your YouTube Watch History.

Sharing Videos in Uptime

You can share videos by searching for a YouTube video in the app or by inputting a YouTube video URL in the search box.

When you click on the video, you have to write a post comment and click “Share” to then post your video onto the Uptime Homepage feed.

Your video post will be available to those who follow you in Uptime. If you allowed the “Notify friends” option, they will be notified as well when you share the video.

You can delete a video you posted by long pressing on the video in the Homepage feed or in your profile page.

Searching for Videos in Uptime

You can search for YouTube videos in Uptime by clicking on “Find a video” to use YouTube Search.

Your UpTime searches will be written to your YouTube Search History. You can delete your searches in the YouTube app from the History link.

Engagements in Uptime

You can engage with your friends while watching a video in the following ways:

Comment - these are light interactions and will disappear once the comment moves off screen.

Sparkles - tapping in the watch screen will create temporary sparkles where your finger touches the screen.

Stickers - you can mark a desired segment of the video with your chosen sticker. This will be attributed to you when others watch the video.

Hearts - you can heart a video, which will be attributed to you in the app.

Remember that anyone watching the video can see your engagements in UpTime

Profile Page

You can see your activity and information from the profile page. To access this page, click your avatar from the Homepage feed.

Here, you’ll see who follows you, who you are following, your engagements, and the videos you posted in the app. You can also find friends to follow and access the Settings from this page.


From the Settings, you can change your username, switch accounts, sign out, delete your Uptime account, and access our privacy policy and terms.

Why can’t I watch everything in Uptime?

Uptime does not allow users to watch and share paid and premium content such as movies and YouTube Red.

To keep Uptime a fun and safe community we don’t allow videos that are age-restricted or content-restricted on YouTube.

Uptime does not support private videos.

Who is a “friend”?

A “friend” in Uptime is someone you choose to follow. Whenever your friend posts a video or likes a video, you will see this in your Home screen

How do I invite friends?

In your Profile page, you have the option to “find friends”. We will recommend people based on common connections within Uptime. We might also recommend some of your Google contacts who are using Uptime.

You may also have the option to invite a friend to download and connect with you in the app if you know their email address.

Can I delete my account?

You can delete your Uptime account by going to the Settings page in your Profile.

Your Uptime account will also be deleted if you delete your Google Account.

Can I block someone?

Yes, you can block a user in Uptime by going to the user’s Profile page and clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner to access an options menu.

By blocking a user, you will no longer see video posts from them and you will not know when they have engaged or watched a video.

In your Settings page, you can see all users you have blocked.

How do I flag content in the app?

You can flag YouTube content by long-pressing on the video you wish to report, clicking “Report” and then “Flag this video on YouTube”. You can then report this video through the normal YouTube flow.

You can also report inappropriate Uptime content, i.e., a post comment or username, by long pressing on the video post. These reports will be reviewed in a timely manner.

You can also report a user from that user's Profile Page using the options menu in the upper right.

What does it mean to follow someone? How do I follow someone?

You will see content posted by those you follow.

You can follow someone by clicking the “follow” button next to the user in the Homepage feed, in the user’s Profile page, or by choosing “find friends” from your own Profile page.

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